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Welcome to our fifth instalment of Remain's Top Five's.

The girls here at the studio are forever trailing new fitness and wellness studios and comparing notes, we are always up for something new and a challenge.. with summer on the (distant) horizon we have been upping our exercise of late, which has lead us to compile this list of our top five studios, it was tough!


Fitness All Together

Bootcamp style classes that make great use of outdoor spaces with circuits and challenges where you are motivated by team spirit. FAT also host events such as sunrise yoga with treats at the end and mums all together. Great for all levels and casual or newbies are always welcome! Check out when their next class is! 


Reform Fitness

With multiple Auckland studios as well as Christchurch and the Mount Reform is a one stop Pilates shop. Their workouts are super challenging, and easy to follow thanks to their great instructors. Their Beautiful studios and easy to book classes make it our go to, Pilates is such a great way to train and we really love to do it at Reform.


Basecamp Yoga studio located in central Grey Lynn. This studio is aesthetically beautiful and the staff are so lovely and friendly. Our favourite class is there unique Power yoga beats class. This is a 60min heated power yoga with music playing throughout the class. You even get a lovely cold lavender eye towel placed over your eyes while in the final resting pose Savasana – such a treat! If you haven’t tried it check them out!

Studio Box

The staff at Studio box are all super welcoming, and the classes themselves are full of positive energy and super hard work. They cater to any fitness level, and every-time I go I leave feeling exhilarated. The room is black lit and they play loud upbeat music, the instructors have fun which makes you have fun too (even when you are struggling to catch your breath). Every 45 min class is a mix of cardio, strength training and a little bit of yoga at the end – Studio box ticks every box!


I was introduced to Lagree on a tip to Vancouver in 2019…back when travel was a thing remember those days?! I have been patiently waiting for it to come to New Zealand ever since. It was hands down the most intense workout i have ever done! It hurt to laugh, sneeze or sit for 3 days after, muscles I didn't even know I had were targeted in only 30 minutes. Similar to Pilates in the fundamentals but on a “megaformer” Lagree much more intense but super fun and challenging – I would highly recommend if you get a chance.



The Remain girls x

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