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We bet you knew this one was coming... The girls in the studio have compiled Remain's Top Five books.

We've got a bit of a theme and memoirs are our genre of choice. Nothing beats losing yourself in a good book and an interesting life story seems to have us captivated. Take a look at the people we love reading about. 



Just Kids by Patti Smith

A memoir by Patti Smith about her relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in New York City in the sixties and seventies. Patti’s account of events along with her poetry makes this memoir one to remember. Grab the illustrated copy for some extra glimpses of art and iconic photographs.

Patti is also performing at Town Hall next April in Auckland! Exciting!


Older, But Better, But Older by Caroline de Maigret

A light read but full of wisdom .. this little insight into what French women think about all the hot topics around ageing .. from love, sex, fashion, relationships, skincare and parenting this book keeps it super real.. and it’s so refreshing.


Wonderful today by Patti Boyd

Patti Boyd has inspired some of the most iconic love songs of all time – the ex wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton. She an ex model and photographer and has lived the ultimate rock and roll life. 


Mr Nice by Howard Marks

This memoir by Welsh drug smuggler with an oxford university degree. Howard Marks is so wild its almost unbelievable.. it’s funny well written and a super cool read.   



Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Not a light read, but so worthwhile. An epic saga that has you on the edge of your seat! Found this gem for nothing in LA and carried it around Europe glued to my hand.. wasn’t light on the luggage.


 The Remain girls x

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