Our Friday Faves selection this week comes from our production co-ordinator and designer Estiana. A curated list of her everyday essentials and must haves you’ll want to get your hands on too. 


The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid - I love all of The Ordinary products but the hyaluronic acid is definitely my number one. It keeps your skin really hydrated so helps minimise visibility of fine lines and pores keeping my skin looking dewy - cannot recommend enough!

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Remain Tammy Tank - I am a sucker for a good ribbed tank and this one really is the perfect fit and shape. I love that it can be worn with or without a bra too, definitely a Summer wardrobe staple.

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Redbush Chai Tea - I was never a tea drinker until about four years ago when a friend introduced me to Chai (with soy milk and honey) and I’ve been addicted ever since! Red bush is my go to as it’s caffeine free, so it’s totally fine to drink multiple cups a day or to have in the evening without disrupting your sleep.

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Stila Cosmetics One Step Correct - I am not a big make up wearer, so I use this primer in place of a foundation most days. It’s light and perfect for reducing redness and evening out blemishes in your skin tone.

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Duck Island Fairy Bread Ice-Cream - I would have ice cream for every meal if I could (and often find that I do during the the Summer months). At the moment I am obsessed with Duck Island Fairy Bread, it’s sooo buttery and creamy I can’t get enough!

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Ottolenghi ‘SIMPLE’ - As much as I enjoy cooking, I really struggle to find the time and energy to prepare something after work, so I often end up resenting the task and resorting to a quick easy fix. I was gifted this book which has been a real game changer! All recipes are simple and there’s so many dishes that actually appeal to me, I’m looking forward to giving them all a go.

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Estiana. xx

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