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An insight into all things Remain and the team behind the brand. Friday Faves is a small snippet of the things that are inspiring us or that we love in our everyday lives. 

Meet Alex, our Marketing and eCommerce Manager and her favourite things. 

Chanel Gabrielle - This classic scent is my everyday go to, my mum used to wear Chanel No5 when I was a child so its fair to say I’ve taken inspiration from her.

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Steve Lacy / Apollo XXI - Ive had this album on repeat since it came out. Steve Lacy is best known for being the guitarist from the band The Internet and his solo work is some of my favourite. It has a beach, funk, rock’n’roll vibe with a touch of soul. 

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Tully Earrings - My good friend Yasmin recently started a jewellery label She Sells Sea Shells and these little numbers haven’t come out of my ears since I got them. 

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Minor Figures Oat Milk - After trying every milk alternative under the sun this one is for sure my fave. 

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Bias Skirt / Coco Safari - My wardrobe staple across every season has quickly become the Bias Skirt and our latest print Coco Safari satisfies my love of animal print while still being effortlessly wearable. 

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Glossier / Brow Flick - I thought I would never have good brows until I tired Brow Flick. Its not the easiest to get a hold of as they don’t ship to New Zealand but if you can stock up I suggest doing so! 

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The Ordinary / Retinol Serum - The best value Retinol product I have found. I use it every night and it feels so amazing. Good skin care doesn't always have to cost a fortune and this brand proves that. 

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Alex. xx

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