We have made it through another week of lockdown! Its fair to say it has been a whirlwind and with the addition of the clocks rolling back by an hour for daylight savings it means there is less time in the evenings to enjoy the outdoors (within your local area) and means we now have even more of an excuse to be spending all our time indoors. 
The team has been making an effort to switch up what we are spending our time on and we wanted to share with you another list of Essential Consuming. 
 Monday Haircare - With hair appointments cancelled and the unknown of when we’ll be making it back into the salon its been a lifesaver to have a professional quality haircare product available at an affordable price. We managed to get some from our friends at Superette however they have since almost sold out. We have been assured it will be available in New World and Pack’n’Save a little later on this month. 
Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe - We are all guilty of purchasing cookbooks and then letting them live on the shelf but there has been no excuses to not try some new recipes. This book is simple and healthy and the Beet and Quinoa Burgers have been a hit with the whole family. 
Headspace App - Taking the time to clear our head throughout the day has been essential to making it through this lockdown and this App makes it easy. We found this to be the perfect reset to keep us focused while working from home. 
Shameless Podcast - Pop culture and gossip done in the most interesting and tasteful way, after all their tagline is “for smart women who love dumb stuff". We’ve been longtime fans of this podcast and if you haven't heard it before we can’t recommend enough. 
ParrisLive - Ever since the days of iconic dance movies like Step Up and Honey we have dreamed of being able to bust a move like that. Lucky for us local icon Parris Goebel has hosted a live dance class via Instagram although our attempt will most likely never see the light of day it was so much fun to move around!
Nailed It Season 4 - This Netflix baking competition has been around for a while but they have just released a new season and boy is it fun to watch! Ive never felt better about my own baking ability and if you want something a little light hearted and completely comical then we suggest this.  

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