How is it week four!? and more importantly how is everyone doing? This has been the strangest four weeks I think most of us have ever experienced. We know we are still a long way away from “normal” and we need all we can to distract us from the current situation so we offer you another list of Essential Consuming. 

When running low on inspiration sometimes you just have to fill your time with some binge worthy television so this weeks essential consuming mainly consists of some of the great shows we have been watching. Don't feel guilty for watching a whole season, embrace it because chances are most of us aren’t going to have spare times like this on our hands ever again. 

Schitt's Creek - This show has been around for a while and we had seen an episode here and there but when we actually sat down to watch it we had non stop laughs. This is such an easy watch and with 6 seasons to binge its a must watch. 

Ru Paul's Drag Race - We are half way through season 12, thats right there are 12 whole seasons for you to indulge in. We have been long time fans of the show and if the art of Drag interests you then this reality competition is a fun watch. 

Next In Fashion - Sort of like a modern day project runway this fashion competition is hosted by two of our favourites Tan France and Alexa Chung. It is a little bit cheesy, a little bit glam and a good way to take up some time. 

Art Class - Trusty craft supply store Spotlight are still shipping during lockdown and although we don't really rate ourselves as artists theres never been a better time to get creative. If your not sure what to paint why not try replicating one of your favourite artists famous pieces. Grab a canvas and some paints and dive in.  

Safe Night - This one is a little different and rather than us consuming we wanted to highlight what you can give to someone else in this time. Safe Night is initiative from the Woman’s Refuge that allows you to gift a one night stay to a woman or child in need for only $20. 

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