Hello Week Five! Week Five signals the end of lockdown Level 4, this is probably some of the strictest conditions many of us have ever had to face and although the move to Level 3 doesn't change too much for most of us it does signal that we are moving closer to some normality and that we have done successful job of staying home! 
We have reached that point where we spend most of of the day browsing the internet, adding things to our cart and then moving onto the next website and repeating it all over again. So our essential consuming this week is a collection of all the things we will be buying now that most online stores are up an running again. Essential Consuming - Week Five: The Wishlist. 
Malin & Goetz - Cannabis Candle:  With a scent as intriguing and suggestive as its title, this multi-faceted candle is a must-have. Not everyones cup of tea but we’ve heard it the perfect candle to burn when you need to relax. 
Father Rabbit Linen: One of our favourite local stores, father rabbit have their own luxe range of linens. We have been spending a lot more time in bed than usual and wrapping ourselves up in one of their sets is all we dream of. 
Superfeast - Chaga Powder: an anti-aging, immunity-boosting powerhouse. Packed full of beta glucans, adaptogenic betulinic acid and high levels and antioxidants and skin-protecting melanin. Need we say more? 
Hill St Wholefoods - Wholefood Baking Mixes: Because life is all about balance! If your anything like us you want to eat the baking more so than you want to do it. Quick, easy and delicious? Ill take one of each. 
Emu - Mayberry Slippers: Since the need for most footwear is basically non existent at the moment and Slippers are the number one choice there has never felt like a better time to invest in a cute pair. 

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