Caring for your wool

With the cooler weather well and truly upon us here in New Zealand, many of the Remain girls have been living in their wool pieces.
All of our wool meets the Responsible Wool Standard and is of the highest quality. This means, delicate care needs to be taken when caring and storing your wool pieces in order to keep them looking beautiful for as long as possible. 



 Pilling will naturally occur on any wool product, as wool fibres are relatively short, meaning the ends of the fibre can easily pop out and become tangled with wear. This is completely normal and can be fixed with a brush with a wool comb. 

We recommend this one from our friends at Just Another Fisherman. 

To use, simply run the comb down your wool garment, in the same direction each time, removing any pilling. 



Wool garments can easily shrink. To avoid this, always follow the care instructions and only machine wash if the care label says you can. To further extend the life of your knits, let it air out after wear, to avoid unnecessary washing after every use. 

 If you do need to wash your wool, use a delicate wool detergent. We love this one from Father Rabbit. Wool detergent is designed to nourish the fibres and keep them soft and refreshed without damage. 

All of our wool needs to be hand washed in cool water to avoid shrinkage. If you are ever unsure, always read the care label first.



For your heavier wool pieces (like your Claudia and Ella knits) we recommend folding them instead of hanging them. The weight of these knits means that hanging them may risk them stretching and loosing their shape.  

Caring for your knits will mean you can continue to love them now, but also pick them up again in years to come.

We can't wait to see where your knits take you next. 

Remain x


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